Power View connectivity for Multidimensional Models released

Power View connectivity for Multidimensional Models released

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On November 29, 2012 we released the “Power View for Multidimensional Models -- Preview.”  We are excited to announce SQL Server 2012 Service Pack 1 Cumulative Update 4, released today, provides the ability for customers to create Power View reports against their existing multidimensional models (a.k.a. cubes). SQL Server 2012 Service Pack 1 Cumulative Update 4 contains a few additional enhancements to the “Power View for Multidimensional Models -- Preview” based on customer feedback.  This functionality helps customers maximize their existing BI investments by enabling their use with the latest BI end-user tools and adds greater modeling flexibility to the BI Semantic Model. Customers need to upgrade their Analysis Services instance and the Reporting Services add-in for Microsoft SharePoint Server (2010 or 2013) with this Cumulative Update to create Power View reports against their existing cubes.

Microsoft introduced an interactive data exploration, visualization and presentation experience called Power View with SQL Server 2012. Power View reports are presentation-ready at all times because they are always connected to your data. Users can quickly create a variety of visualizations, from tables and matrices to bubble charts and sets of small multiple charts. Power View operates on a BI Semantic Model that resides in Analysis Services databases or PowerPivot workbooks.




With the SQL Server 2012 SP1 CU 4, Power View can consume data from multidimensional models. Now Power View users can connect to both the tabular and multidimensional formats of the BI Semantic Model. This is achieved through native support for Data Analysis Expressions (DAX) in Analysis Services multidimensional models, ensuring optimal performance and functionality. SQL Server 2012 SP1 CU4 contains a few additional enhancements to the “Power View for Multidimensional Models – Preview” released in November 2012. Stay tuned for a deeper dive on the functionality in a future post!

 Frequently Asked Questions


1. Do I need to upgrade SSAS & SSRS in SharePoint mode?

    Answer:Yes, you need to upgrade your SSAS & SSRS installed in SharePoint mode.

2. Can I upgrade from existing SQL Server 2012 installation?

    Answer: Yes, you can upgrade from an existing SQL Server 2012 installation.

3. In which editions is Power View support for multidimensional mode enabled?

    Answer: Enterprise and Business Intelligence editions.

4. Can I send DAX queries to multidimensional models?

    Answer: Yes, you can send DAX queries to multi-dimensional models.

5. Will Power View in Excel (on-prem or in the cloud) be able to connect to multi-dimensional models (cubes)?

    Answer: No, this update is only supported on stand alone SharePoint (2010 and 2013) mode.

6. When will Power View in Excel to connect to Multidimensional models?

    Answer:Enabling this scenario is a top priority for the team but we do not have any updates on the roadmap or timeframe to share at this time.



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  • Joel,

    This is the one worked for me




  • Not sure if this is right place but I would like to see if anybody else has run into similar issue with CU4.

    I have upgraded one my server with CU4. It looks like I can execute DAX queries from SSMS against Adventure Works multi-dimensional cube without any issues, but if I try to execute the DAX against one of our in-house cube I get an error "Internal error: An unexpected exception occurred.".

    Let me know if anybody has seen this or anyone from Microsoft can help.


  • "Internal error: An unexpected exception occurred." usually means a bug in the product. Please file a bug report via Microsoft Connect. Please include the dump file (.dmp, .mdmp) that was generated at the time of this error.

  • I was able to get the CU4 update running and have a great management deck built off of our delivery cube.  However, when we made changes to the cube (re-wrote one of the dimensions) the updates did not roll through the existing deck.

    Removing and adding fields did not resolve the issue.  The only solution was to build new slides/views to replace the old ones.  While it was annoying for my team this would be a severe problem in a full production environment with dozens of powerview reports and possibly hundreds of users.

    Loving the product, but I need a way for the views to refresh their data model information much like the data refresh all works in Excel.

  • Hi,

    I'm trying to do visualisations using Excel 2013 and PowerMaps but find that this combo cannot handle dates pre-1900. Does SQL Server and/or PowerView overcome this limitation?

  • Hi,

    Can I color cells of PowerView objects, like table cells, etc using custom colors?

    For eg. to indicate Green\Yellow\Red for few fields, I just want to color those fields.


  • I think this service Pack does not enable to connect multidimensional models, I experience it several times and still get problems to connect multidimensional data from Power View in Excel 2013

  • It's been a year and a half--what is the status of the top priority, as stated in your post, to make SSAS connectivity to Power View in Excel?

  • Does SQL 2014 SSAS support Powerview already ?

  • Enabling PowerView in Excel to connect ot Multi-dimensional models would be amazing. This would really give end users a great looking, easy to use visualization front end for our cubes without forcing us down a long SharePoint rollout/update/development cycle.

  • When the SSAS multidimensional cubes Named Sets will be available in Field List in Power View? Currently Named Sets do not appear in Field List. It would be great to see this functionality available.

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