SQL Server Data Tools – Business Intelligence for Visual Studio 2013 (SSDT BI)

SQL Server Data Tools – Business Intelligence for Visual Studio 2013 (SSDT BI)

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Yesterday we released SQL Server Data Tools – Business Intelligence for Visual Studio 2013 (SSDT BI) for SQL Server 2014.  With this release you can use SSDT BI in Visual Studio 2013 and it includes the Visual Studio Project Templates for Analysis Services, Integration Services, and Reporting Services.  The project templates in this release generally work with down level versions of the server (with the exception of SSIS).  See the image below for details. 

We have also retired the CTP version that was based on VS 2012.

SSDT-BI for Visual Studio 2013 has been re-released in English. It can be downloaded from: http://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=42313.


  • @Josh Caplan, I have built the same system up again inside a VM and this time around it worked without issue (other than it upgrading my SSIS packages to SQL 2014). Since I have also now rebuilt my development box back to its pre-SSDT BI install I now longer have any evidence of the problem I had.

    I guess I'll chalk it up to "just one of those things". Thanks for your help though, Josh.

  • Any chance of turning any of those red dots green?

  • Where is the SSDT-BI Visual Studio 2012 for SQL Server 2014?

  • Great to see this released!  Unfortunately, it fails to install - "The CPU architecture of installing feature(s) is different than then instance specified.  To continue, add features to this instance with the same architecture".  Of course, that message is nonsense as I'm only attempting to add shared features, not instance-specific features, and there's only 1 architecture of the shared features - X86.

    Any ideas?

  • @Hog, SSIS team is already planning on that improvement but there isn't a concrete release date so far.

  • According to icons I have locally SQL Server Express 2012, Visual Studio 2012 and SQL Server Data Tools 2012. More exactly I have SQL Management Tool, SSIS and SSRS of version 2014.  All should be 64 bit versions as well as JDK.

    I wish to make an SSAS project and everything works well until I try to deploy it locally.

    But then it says "Error 1 The project could not be deployed to the 'localhost' server because of the following connectivity problems :  A connection cannot be made. Ensure that the server is running.  To verify or update the name of the target server, right-click on the project in Solution Explorer, select Project Properties, click on the Deployment tab, and then enter the name of the server."

    I have recreated connections a few times and I can't find anything wrong in them.

    Configuration Manager says that SQL Server and SSRS are running. I don't have SSAS on the list, should I have it?

    I tried to add SSAS by installing SQL Server 2014, but it refuses to add anything and according to help this is because everything is installed already.

    Do I need to remove SQL Server 2012 and after that to install 2014 or do I have something else wrong?

  • CarID,

    I think I have seen the same issue as you describe and I think it is to do with what is selected during the install by default which is add new features to an existing instance and breaks if this is 64bit, change this to new instance or whatever the option is and it should install the tools.

  • I have Win 8.1 Pro VM with SSDT-BI for VS 2013. It was installed prior to "pull out" (1st week of April 2014). Could that initial release still be used? OR if I have to install this latest/re-released version, what are my options?

    a) Uninstall all relevant stuff of SSDT-BI for VS 2013 listed in "Programs and Features", and try (re)install latest release?

    b) Rebuild Win 8.1 Pro VM and then have fresh install of SSDT-BI for VS 2013 latest release?

    Thank you for your time & help.

  • It's back. Windows did an update last night and I can no longer open any database project in VS2012 or VS2013. I once again get "Failed to create extension manager for the target platform 'Microsoft.Data.Tolls.Schema.Sql110DatabaseSchemaProvider".

    Actually, I don't even have the 2014 BI tools installed at the moment. I am currently using the VS2012 BI tools in VS2012 for SSIS work and VS2013 for code development, both on the same box but opening different solutions, yet an update has killed me.

    My only recourse now is to handle all database projects in a VS2012 VM. I am not rebuilding my development PC a second time. I am once again not a happy customer!

  • Is there a SSDT-BI specific forum ? I try to script the partitions in a SSAS project, however so far didn't find a way to do that so I can use it in the deployment. The gui approach is ok for hobby projects, however for real enterprise work it is not usable.

  • SSIS 2012 support in VS 2013 would be great guys

  • Does Xiaoning Ding's comment of June 10 indicate that VS2012 support of SSIS 2012 is somewhere on the timeline? I have the "opportunity" to move from svn to TFS, and I'm having trouble deciding which version to install...

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