SharePoint Development from a Documentation Perspective

Andrew May

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  • This is great, welcome to the blogging world and I look forward to reading your blog.
  • Glad to see a PowerPoint/Publisher Blog!
    I'll be following your remarks
  • This is good helpfull information. I'll have to set up a link from my web page.
  • I'd be really surprised if Microsoft Photo Pro didn't provide CMYK color.

    Many greater-than-4 color printers use a lower-case letter to refer to the "light" version of the color; so most 7-color printers are described as CcMmYKk, since the light-cyan is needed for sky and grass, the light-magenta is needed for really good fleshtones (for most human hues, anyway), and the light-grey is needed for good B&W and other stuff. I forget what HP went with as their 8th color in their newest 8-color printer.
  • I'd hardly call a color laserjet a desktop printer. They usually take two people to position properly.

    I've never seen a 7 color laser jet - just photo inkjets.
  • Excellent! I've been interested in this since I got the preview. Now I can finally play with it.
  • So... there is no way to know the GUIDs for existing pages? I have been messing with the API a little and I can create new .one files and import data in that way. Are there plans to add a way to look though the existing files and GUIDs for them? Am I missing something? Is this coming and just not implemented yet?
  • BTW, very cool that you guys recognized the need to add some extensibility to OneNote. I think its a great program and use it all day every day.
  • Great question. No, we did not provide functionality for you to enumerate through the existing page GUIDs. This is actually by design. The basic idea here is that if an application created the page, then it should be able to add, update and delete objects on that page. We didn't want to give the application blanket access to everything the user might have in their notebook. As for notebook sections, of course, you can use WinAPI calls to find out what sections (.one files) are in a user's notebook directory.
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