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July, 2007

  • Andrew Arnott

    How to sort the console output of a hashtable in PowerShell

    Hashtables are inherently unsorted, but when you're printing a hashtable's contents to the console, it can certainly be helpful to sort its contents by key. Although it's not obvious, the way to do it is pretty easy. Let's start with defining a hashtable...
  • Andrew Arnott

    How to (not) write an especially precarious app on .NET (Compact Framework)

    As the .NET Compact Framework developers work to add features, fix bugs, and refactor code, we often have to determine whether a given change could break existing customer code. The ideal is that NetCF 3.5 will run all apps that ran on NetCF 2.0 and 1.0. We run hundreds of apps and many, many tests before shipping each product to check backward compatibility. The .NET Framework (both desktop and CF) makes heavy use of internal classes to allow us the freedom to change the internals of the framework without breaking customer code. But there are still ways that customers can write apps that may break on future versions. This post covers these topics....
  • Andrew Arnott

    Getting doskey macros to work in PowerShell

    As much as I love to work with PowerShell, it was hard to give up the doskey macros I had defined for CMD.exe. But I just found out that doskey can work all its magic for PowerShell too, so here's the trick... Doskey defaults to working only with cmd...
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