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January, 2004

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    Cool Music relations site

    It's Friday so we should start with something frivolous. Check out It has a pretty interesting search engine that will find related music based on the band you type in. It must be pretty extensive since it even found some of...
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    Finally a quiet small form factor PC?

    The inner gadgeteer in me has been looking for a small PC that's quiet. I'm just fed up with having a PC that sounds like concorde taking off when you turn it on. I need some piece and quiet in my Office and if I'm ever going to build my own HTPC then...
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    10 weeks til I have to grow up

    We're expecting our first baby in April and it's super exciting yet scary as heck all at the same time. I can't wait although quite how having a baby and starting a web log will work out I don't know. Many postings at odd times of night I guess. Oh well...
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    If you ever wondered what it was like to be @ Microsoft doing software

    This article is a nice overview and gives you a great taste of what it's like. I've shipped stuff in Windows for the last 3 versions and it was a blast (albeit a tad stressfull) I loved walking into the Windows War Room and having to fight for bugs so...
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    Well it's about time that Clinicks Clinic came back from the dead

    Difficult to believe that it's been over 2 years since I wrote my last Scripting Clinic on MSDN but I really miss being able to tell the world about what the heck I've been working on here at Microsoft. We're getting to a point in our product cycle that...
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