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    Common Issue: Security Exceptions

    If you are hosting a control in the browser and have given it elevated permissions (we will use FullTrust for this example) you might notice that you are still getting security exceptions when you try to call protected APIs. Here's what is going on...
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    Strong names for controls in the browser

    If you have a control hosted in the browser and you try to strong name it, you may find that it stops working. Looking at the IEHostLog ( ) you might see something like this...
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    Diagnosing Control in browser issues

    Controls hosted in the browser can often be difficult to debug. If anything goes wrong with loading the dll or constructing the control instance, you will get nothing but the standard IE "something is wrong" image (the small icon in the top-left with...
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    Exposing Events from managed controls

    Earlier we talked about adding properties and methods to a managed control so that the page hosting the control can interact directly with the managed control programmatically. This time we will add events which is a little bit more difficult. To really...
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    Properties and Methods

    Now that we have a simple control hosted in the WebBrowser, it would be nice to be able to interact with it from the page. Using JavaScript, we can call methods on the managed control, and also get/set properties (which are essentially just method calls...
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    Windows Forms Control In Browser scenario (introduction)

    Recently I have been hearing from more and more people who are embedding Windows Forms controls into webpages and I thought that I would put together a series of blog posts on this technique. Since the original release of .NET Windows Forms has supported...
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    Finalization revisited

    Last time ( ) I talked about the consumer side of the dispose pattern (i.e. how to correctly use an object which supports the IDisposable pattern to ensure that its non-memory resources...
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    Dispose revisited

    I know that everyone and their uncle has blogged about their Dispose pattern flavor of the week, but I feel the need to add my 2 cents to the discussion. I’d like to start with Andrew’s Cardinal Rule of Disposable objects. “If your object has a Dispose...
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    Hello, World

    As is customary in the world of computers, I had to start with a Hello World. Linked is a collection of Hello World programs written in a variety of languages Here's a simple example of what you could do...
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