I’ve been quiet the past few months. Really ever since Imagine Cup, I’ve been head down, planning, scheming, organizing and generally hiding away while I got ready. Ready for what? Ready for this: WOWZAPP 2012 – the world’s first worldwide hackathon for Windows!

WOWZAPP 2012 will run in dozens of countries around the globe – all on the one weekend – November 9-11 – allowing developers and designers the world over to come together with one goal – to have fun, network and learn and to build apps and games for Windows.

The publicly confirmed locations so far are (more coming soon!):

Updated October 10 2012 with additional locations – in bold.

Head to http://www.wowzapp2012.com for more information and to find the venue closest to you. We have more locations being published all the time, so if you’re not able to find something you could attend, make sure you check back regularly (if you’re really keen, you could send me a note through this blog and tell me where you would like to see a WOWZAPP 2012 location and I’ll connect to the local Microsoft people there to see if we can make that happen).