So! The moment has arrived! The teams selected for the Worldwide Finals in Russia have been announced. Here’s the list:

  • Team UMA, Angola – Don’t Fret
  • Zeppelin Studio, Austria – Schein
  • WickedGames, Czech Republic – reSOUND
  • Banzai Lightning, France – SEED
  • Seven Worlds, France – Kameon
  • Solite Studio, Indonesia – Save the Hamsters
  • PsyTrack, Puerto Rico – Piggy Spanker
  • Quad Damage, Russia – Lasercraft
  • Space Fighters, Turkey – Space Fight X
  • Bluetooth, Vietnam – Green Heaven

For more information on the teams, you can check out the official page here:

Congratulations all, I look forward to seeing you in Russia!

A quick note on team selections: Every country participating in Imagine Cup was able to select a national representative to go to St Petersburg to compete in one of the three main competitions: World Citizenship, Innovation and Games. We then supplemented those country finalists who represent the Games Competition with a number of teams from the online Games Competition which I look after. The above list represents the top games in the online competition AND those teams that are representing their nation.

All Online Entries: If you’d like to see all of the game trailers for the hundreds of games we judged in the online competition, check out my playlists here: and Don’t forget to comment on and thumbs up those entries you think are cool and you’d love to play. :)