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December, 2007

  • Andrew Whitechapel

    Building an Excel XLL in C/C++ with VS 2008

    As part of a little investigation I'm doing at present, I needed to build some simple native XLLs for testing purposes. This was the first time I had a need to build XLLs since the Excel XLL SDK was updated back in September. The updated Excel 2007 XLL...
  • Andrew Whitechapel

    Invoking Native Excel UDFs From Managed Code (Pt1)

    As part of a little ongoing investigation, I wanted to communicate between a managed add-in and a native XLL UDF. As I was writing this up, it turned out to be a much longer post that I planned, so I've split it into two parts (I'll post the second part...
  • Andrew Whitechapel

    Implement ICustomTaskPaneConsumer in C++

    The new extensibility interfaces introduced in Office 2007 are implementable via add-ins. Add-ins can be managed or unmanaged (native). If you're using VSTO, development is greatly simplified. However, if you want to build a native add-in to implement...
  • Andrew Whitechapel

    PDC 2008

    Hard on the heels of the Office DevCon, we've just announced the dates for the Microsoft Professional Developers Conference 2008 . Heads-up below. When : October 27–30, 2008, Pre-conference October 26, 2008 Where : Los Angeles Convention Center , Los...
  • Andrew Whitechapel

    Do You Know the Way to San José

    Momentum is gathering for the 2008 Office Developer Conference , and here's the skinny: When: February 10-13, 2008 Where: San Jose Convention Center , San Jose, CA Who: 2000 developers and architects who build solutions on the Office platform...
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