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January, 2008

  • Andrew Whitechapel

    Jobs in Visual Studio Biz Apps

    The Visual Studio team is growing and we have several exciting developer positions open! If you’re looking for big challenges, if you’re driven to innovate, if you are looking for big impact and responsibilities, then you can join us. We are...
  • Andrew Whitechapel

    Back To The Future

    Or, Prototyping VSTO Add-ins for Unsupported Office Versions/Applications It is in the nature of the VSTO 2005 SE and VSTO 2008 add-ins that they will run in multiple versions of Office. One of the main reasons for designing them this way is to mitigate...
  • Andrew Whitechapel

    Managed Automation Add-ins

    I've been thinking more about calling unmanaged XLL UDFs from managed code than about managed automation add-ins lately, but an automation add-in issue came up the other day, and I thought I'd throw it out there. If you want to build managed UDFs without...
  • Andrew Whitechapel

    Feed your geek

    We're 26 days away from the 2008 Office Developer Conference . I've been roped in to talk about the VSTO/VSTA Power Tools – all of which are useful, and some of which are actually very interesting. Remember, the ODC is open to the public for the first...
  • Andrew Whitechapel

    Invoking Native Excel UDFs From Managed Code (Pt2)

    In my previous post , I looked at how to build a VSTO add-in that invokes native XLL UDFs via the Excel COM OM (specifically, Application.Run). In this second part, I'll look at the same managed client calling the same XLL UDFs via the Windows API instead...
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