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March, 2008

  • Andrew Whitechapel

    ActiveX Controls in VSTO Solutions

    In the past, before it became strategically acceptable to build Office-based solutions in managed code, it was common for people to build such solutions using pure COM technologies. They built native COM add-ins, using C/C++, or they built document-level...
  • Andrew Whitechapel

    VSTO Power Tools

    I announced the release of v1 of the VSTO/VSTA Power Tools last time , and they've been getting quite a bit of use so far. The downloads are here - these include an overview document. Note that the documentation for the individual tools is installed in...
  • Andrew Whitechapel

    Integrating Doc-level and Add-in Solutions

    Everyone knows you can build document-level Office solutions and you can build application-level Office add-ins. Suppose your requirements dictate that you build a solution that uses both techniques – can this be done? First, let’s pause and consider...
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