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November, 2008

  • Andrew Whitechapel

    Launching Office Apps Programmatically

    There are at least 9 different ways to start or connect to an Office app programmatically in managed code, as summarized in this table: PIA Interop Using the Office PIAs is the most RAD approach, with the greatest level of design...
  • Andrew Whitechapel

    Passing Objects to Exposed Add-in Methods

    I’ve posted a few times on the best way to expose methods from an add-in to automation clients – for example, here , here and here . So far, in my examples, I’ve described very simple exposed methods that take no parameters – but what happens if you want...
  • Andrew Whitechapel

    Using Managed Controls as ActiveX Controls

    Can you use a managed usercontrol in an Office document in the same way that you can use a native ActiveX control – all without using VSTO? Some time ago, I posted about how to use native ActiveX controls within a doc-level VSTO solution, by wrapping...
  • Andrew Whitechapel

    Implementing IMessageFilter in an Office add-in

    First a warning: this is an advanced scenario, and you should not attempt to use this technique unless you’re sure you know what you’re doing. The reason for this warning is that while the technique described here is pretty simple, it’s also easy to get...
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