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  • Blog Post: COM Shim Bug Fixes

    A customer (VSP) was using the COM Shim and identified a scenario where a bug in the shim code could cause the host application to remain in memory indefinitely – thanks, VSP for finding this and bringing it to our attention! Misha did some ninja debugging and pinpointed the problem. The shim is described...
  • Blog Post: COM Shim Wizard

    We’ve released a slight update to the COM Shim Wizard. This is available as a free download here , and the covering article is on MSDN here . The differences Between v2.3.0.0 and v2.3.1.0 are summarized below. Setup The major difference between v2.3.0.0 and v2.3.1.0 is that v2.3.0.0 was built to...
  • Blog Post: COM Shim CLR Loader Bug

    The latest version of the COM shim wizards was released back in the summer, here . With the help of Adam Smith of Xobni (and of course, the indispensable Misha), we've identified a minor bug with the project code that the wizard generates for the shim. In fact, this bug was identified prior to the last...
  • Blog Post: Updated COM Shim Wizards

    In our spare time, Misha and I have been working on and off on the COM Shim and associated COM Shim Wizards for the last few years, and we've just published a new version here: Isolating Microsoft Office Extensions with the COM Shim Wizard Version 2.3 , with the accompanying download here . The new...
  • Blog Post: Why is it so hard to shim IRibbonExtensibility?

    The COM Shim Wizards are a set of Visual Studio 2005 project wizards that automate the generation of COM shims for non-VSTO managed Office extensions. These shims support COM add-ins, smart tags and real-time data components. The shim for each is broadly similar, although there are obvious differences...
  • Blog Post: COM Shim Wizards v2

    Today we release v2 of the COM Shim Wizards. These are updated versions of the wizards we released in 2004 for Visual Studio 2003. The new wizards work with Visual Studio 2005. There's a covering article here:
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