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  • Blog Post: HLSL in Office

    HLSL is the High Level Shading Language for DirectX, documented here . I was wondering the other day how you might use shaders in Office, and this led me to build a little proof-of-concept that allows you to experiment with HLSL within the context of an Office application. I built a PowerPoint add-in...
  • Blog Post: VSTO + WPF + WCF + LINQ (MSDN Article)

    There's an article in this month's MSDN magazine on building Office-based solutions using VSTO with WPF, WCF and LINQ. The point of the article is to affirm that all these disparate technologies do indeed work well together, and that the design-time experience of building such a solution is suitably...
  • Blog Post: WPF in VSTO

    Can you use WPF controls in VSTO solutions, and if so, how? VSTO's mission is to bring together the unmanaged Office platform and the managed development world. One aspect of this is the ability to build VSTO solutions that use managed controls within native Office windows. There are 5 places you can...
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