October, 2006

  • Andy Simonds Blog

    Kofax Announces XPS Support

    Kofax recently sent out a press release regarding support for XPS in their toolkit for the document capture industry. Kofax technology is utilized by a majority of the document scanning vendors in the industry and their support for XPS is an important...
  • Andy Simonds Blog

    XPS v1 is on-line

    The final v1.0 of the XPS spec is available for download. Get it here . - Andy
  • Andy Simonds Blog

    XML Paper Specification v1.0 RTMs!!!!!!!!

    At 11:30 AM PST - the final version of the XML Paper Specification (v1.0) RTM'd. This is a great day and represents an incredible amount of hard work, blood-shed, tears, slaying dragons (and lawyers) by the team to get to this point. We started on this...
  • Andy Simonds Blog

    New Windows Vista PC

    I’ve finally purchased my ‘Vista’ PC for my home. My new PC was custom built from parts from Fry’s with the help (or should I say completely assembled why I just watched) by Britt from the D2 team (thanks Britt). It’s a smokin’ machine, pretty blue LED...
  • Andy Simonds Blog

    What's going on?

    A few random updates. But 1st, I mentioned putting up a picture of the spec. Here it is in its' baby-blue splendor: Will these internally printed copies be worth anything at some point? Something about it seems more valuable than the boring bits...
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