So I'm coming up on two years at Microsoft.  While I've experienced a few low points of blogging since '99, none have been as severe as my time at Microsoft. Given my involvement in open source and the Mozilla project in yesteryears, I've been hesitant to transform my existing site into a venue for a "microsoft blogger". 

By putting a blog on blogs.msdn, I'm planning to offer the mothership a bit more ROI on my blogging activities.  If I choose to leave Microsoft, I won't be taking my "link love" with me.  Given that MS fuels a very creative environment for me and facilitates collaboration with world class researchers, and that these things will drive any success this blog has, I think this is the right choice.

While I work at MSN/WindowsLive Search, this blog is unlikely to focus on purely search related topics -- even given the active blogosphere community around SEO that could instantly catapult this site into primetime.  You're much more likely to see content on usability, visualization, and web research.  Only time will tell for sure...  Thanks for reading.