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    Half-life of Internet News

    Robert Cringely offers some interesting curmudgeoning on the recent buzz around a study that showed a longer lifetime of news articles on the web than in print. In his words: "this news stickiness is bad, very bad, because it means we read less and ultimately...
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    My favorite MSDN blog

    The office 12 Excel blog is one of my favorite MSDN blogs, along with Alex and the popular favorites . The latest Excel post delves into the design process with a focus on the incremental formalization of artifacts. I love that Microsoft's embrace of...
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    Live Labs Funded Research Projects: Take #1

    I'm excited about the work coming from External Research & Programs: Microsoft Live Labs: Accelerating Search in Academic Research 2006 RFP Awards. One of the projects, from Suresh Bhanani and Lada Adamic at UMich, is going to take on deep clickstream...
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