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January, 2007

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About hackIR

Championing "serious hypertext" from the engines of Microsoft, this blog is an outlet for an analytics focused program manager at Windows Live Search. The opinions here are expressly mine.

Bio from recent WWW 2006 workshop: He has spent eleven years in the internet industry harnessing a combination of user feedback, traditional usability methods, and log file analysis to improve products and services. This experience included applying the human factors technique of task analysis to web server log file analysis. Prior to his move to Microsoft, Andy was heavily involved in the open source Mozilla project and worked with developers through public communication channels on usability enhancements. He has developed a suite for usability testing on the web and tools for expert heuristic review and card sorting based upon the Mozilla technology. Andy was a co-leader of a tutorial on developing hypermedia systems with Mozilla at Hypertext 2004.

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    5 Things You Don't Know About Andyed

    Alex Barnett tagged me with the " 5 things meme " some weeks back. Here we go: I spent several weeks every summer going to cemetery conventions with my grandparents. I've heard all the jokes, this is a business of complex long term planning and sales...
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    Wikipedia Neighborhood

    With the morning buzz on wikipedia and search , and a snowy day in Redmond, I spent a moment to craft the version of with a macro, andyed.wikiout. Try it for: bruce sterling inflation web 2.0 Try it out at
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