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  • Blog Post: Innovation in Feedback Collection with Windows Vista

    I've written about the challenges of capitalizing on at-scale user feedback both academically and on the search blog (busted post alas, edit when fixed) . One way to listen to users is to open up your bug tracking system to the world, as done by While this results in a great deal of information...
  • Blog Post: on MSR (re)Search. SIGIR in Seattle.

    Wow, academic work covered by ; well, it is research by sone of MSR's most talented information retrieval folks and the search competitive space seems to be a media favorite. One of the works discussed by explores a nalysis of user behavior given a strong statistical model of normal...
  • Blog Post: The nature of browsing is changing - report from WWW'06

    Some good folks at the University of Hamburg published an update to some long standing historical numbers in web usage research that reveal the way users are browsing the web has changed dramatically over the last few years. Here's the punchline: Table 1: Comparison chart of three long-term studies...
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