June, 2005

  • Andy Harjanto's InfoCard WebLog

    Knock, knock…, who’s there?

    RP? …. RP Who? …. RP, the good guy, really! Would you open the door to a stranger? Probably. Would you give up some valuable information to him? Probably not without checking his identity; and of course you won’t take any of his identity, like his...
  • Andy Harjanto's InfoCard WebLog

    Building InfoCard App, Part 1

    …Now the fun begins…, let’s code and we’ll get back to a few InfoCard concepts later… Follow the following instructions: 1. Create a New Project. Choose the project type, for our walkthrough, let’s just pick a Console Application , and name your...
  • Andy Harjanto's InfoCard WebLog

    Wanted: InfoCard OM

    Have you created your first self-issued card yet? Please see my first posting for instruction . Would you like to create, delete a bunch of cards programmatically? I have a good news and/or a bad news. The bad (or good) news is – you can’t. There is no...
  • Andy Harjanto's InfoCard WebLog

    InfoCard - An End to End Scenario

    I received plenty of feedback and emails on my first posting; thank you – keep in coming! Also, thanks to Kim who mentioned my blog on his and for his kind words. It is really an honor and pleasure working with him. Let me tell you that all design meetings...
  • Andy Harjanto's InfoCard WebLog

    InfoCard, a Sneak-Peak

    A few articles have written about InfoCard in the past few months; now it's your chance to get a sneak peak of InfoCard. First, I recommend reading these two articles: Microsoft Vision of Identity System and The Laws of Identity . I also enjoy reading...
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