By now, you may already know that we have shipped WinFX November 2005 Community Technology Preview (which includes the latest InfoCard).  Today, we just published InfoCard Guide to Integrating with InfoCard and Technical Reference for InfoCard v1.0. These documents explain how InfoCard uses WS-SecurityPolicy, WS-Trust, and WS-MetadataExchange in a great detail; they also explain the card schema and our implementation of STS that produces a self-issued card. If you have questions or feedback, please post your comments here.

Change a topic a little bit - OK, I can't top XBox360 launch, but what's new in WinFX November 2005 Community Technology Preview, specifically InfoCard?

  • Improved UI, you'll see better graphics, control pannel applets 
  • Improve handling import and export .crd and .crds
  • Better, cleaner OM and App.Config.
  • Managed Card scenarios are enabled.
  • Tighter security model around the "Trust" dialog.

I would highly recommend you to try this (especially now that we also have ship VS.NET 2005).
Install the following order:

That's it! -- You're ready to go to do a real programming.  To make sure InfoCard installed properly, please open your control pannel and click on "Digital Identities" -- do you see what I see?