We have a continual battle with Marketing about how much RAM we should have on our Performance Test machines, so I would love some feedback from Visual Studio developers.

Our current perf machines are Windows 2000 / 500MHz / 128M of RAM. It is my opinion that no (sane) developer is still using 128M of RAM. Memory is dirt cheap (except for laptops), and is the cheapest way of improving developer productivity.

To give some perspective, my main developer machine is a Dual 2GHz Hyper-threaded P4 box with 1G of RAM and an 80G drive. This is sufficient for most of my needs, though Builds still take a while. I dont have to build much of Visual Studio, which is just as well as I dont have the disk space.

If you are a developer using 128M on your W2K machine (or 192M or less on your XP machine) I'de like to hear from you.

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