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July, 2004

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    Rant: Sony Memory Sticks: what are they thinking?

    Sometimes Sony do good things: they co-invented the DVD, created the Walkman, and gave us Trinitron CRT tubes, all great stuff. However sometimes they just do something nuts, like Mini-Disc, or something really nuts, like Memory Stick. I can only guess...
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    When Bargains Turn Bad

    There are so many bargains out there now, but sometimes they cost more than you bargained for. Case in point: Fry's had 250G hard drives for $70 after rebates, which I couldn't resist. I drove down there one Friday, then spent Friday night putting the...
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    Please use the new Visual Studio Feedback Center: it rocks

    Until recently, there were various methods of sending us, the Visual Studio team, feedback. However, almost all of that feedback never made it to us, the developers. It went somewhere I am sure, but not to us. I am pleased to say that has now changed...
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    Confessions of a Technical Masochist

    At coffee today with my team I was ranting about Memory Sticks . It was pointed out to me that every piece of technology I buy gives me huge amounts of grief, and Steve described me as a Technology Masochist . A pretty good description on reflection....
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    Developer Job Opening: Visual Studio Debugger

    We have a developer position open on the debugger team, you can read more about it at If you are interested in applying, please contact HR via the web site...
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