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August, 2004

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    Halo 2: Will it impact Microsoft Productivity?

    The "Official Xbox Magazine" says in the October issue that 8,000 Microsoft employees are participating in the Halo 2 beta, 14% of the entire company. That's an amazing number! What does this mean for general Microsoft productivity right after November...
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    Windows XP SP2 and the Visual Studio Debugger

    Oh what fun XP SP2 was for the debugger team! The firewall defaulting to On obviously completely broke Remote Debugging, and the DCOM changes broke it even more. Kept us busy for a long time. Well Gregg , mostly. The results are threefold: A...
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    Magic Tricks with DLL Forwarders

    Thought I would share a DLL trick we used in the VS 2003 debugger that illustrates how a DLL with no real code or data can be very useful, especially if your exe is pretending to be something it is not. VS 2003 has the ability to load windbg extension...
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    Shocking news: Google can't find something

    We have a little known feature in the debugger so I wanted to see where, if anywhere, it is documented, so naturally I used Google. It can't find it. Not because it doesnt exist, but because the thing I am looking for is “.load” : yes, that...
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