We have a little known feature in the debugger so I wanted to see where, if anywhere, it is documented, so naturally I used Google. It can't find it. Not because it doesnt exist, but because the thing I am looking for is “.load” : yes, that's a period in front of it. Google seems to strip the period, even if I quote the whole thing, so it finds “load”, which is not what I want.

Next I tried the VS2005 Index. No luck. Next I tried VS2005 Search. It found “load” but not “.load”.

For me the fact that Google can't find it is more shocking than the fact that their site went down last week.

Just to prove that “.load” does really exist, here are some pages that talk about it:



The VS2005 beta1 docs describe it under “SOS Tool“ in the Index.

I remember when most search tools couldn't search for “C#”. That got fixed, but I seriously doubt that “.load” is going to be as popular as that.