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September, 2005

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    What am I working on? iHD, that's what

    So what have I been working on that I haven't been able to blog about? iHD, that's what! Its the interactivity layer for the next generation DVD format, and I'm really excited by HD-DVD, with its greatly improved picture quality, capacity, and of course...
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    Places where software should never fail: Your Dentists

    There are certain places where software should never fail. Obvious ones like aircraft, missile control systems etc. Well here's a new one: when you are lying in a dentist's chair, mouth wired up, with a tooth freshly dremeled away, and the dentist and...
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    Shock! Horror! Microsoft release usable keyboards!

    Many of us at Microsoft have hated our own keyboards for a number of years. I personally am a natural keyboard fan, and I hoarded the original "good" Natural Keyboard and the only decent follow-up, the Natural Keyboard Pro. Since these great keyboards...
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    10 Years at Microsoft

    I started at Microsoft the day after Labour Day, 1995 (which I soon learned was spelled Labor Day). This was about a week after the Windows 95 launch , so things were still pretty crazy on campus. It took years for the football (er, soccer) fields to...
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    10 Years in the USA

    When I arrived here, ten years ago today: I was single I was childless I had lived in tiny house in Milton Keynes, England That house contained no actual PCs, but it did have a computer with a 1200 baud modem I had two email accounts (on BIX and CIX)...
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