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December, 2005

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    A Better Way to Search MSDN

    I have previously ranted about the Search capabilities of MSDN, so I decided to try and do something about it. I have created a Smart Search for MSDN page, which modifies a search engine query to greatly improve the hit rate. Well, at least it works for...
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    What does "pdb is obsolete" really mean?

    If your Visual Studio debugger says this to you, it either means Your PDB really is obsolete Your debugger is obsolete 1. It gets expensive in terms of testing and (sometimes) development to read every single old PDB format, so with each release...
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    Microsoft Product Names: How They Are Chosen I Wonder?

    There is a great interview on PVRBlog with the creator of the TiVo name and mascot. It describes the process by which the names were whittled down and decided on. Although I have no clue how this process actually works at Microsoft, here is how I think...
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