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April, 2006

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    Authoring iHD apps for HD DVD

    My team has just created a new forum for programmers and content creators who wish to make great HD DVD apps using iHD. Look for some interesting downloads there soon.
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    Being an Audio/Visual Early Adoptor is getting cheaper

    Since the late 90s I have been something of an early adoptor for AV gear. With the imminent [I hope] arrival of my HD DVD player, along with the discovery of an old receipt I started calculating exactly how much early adoption has cost me, and how quickly...
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    HD DVD is available in the USA!

    Yesterday the first HD DVD players from Toshiba became available (from Best Buy mostly by the looks of it). There is a gigantic thread on AVS forum about this exciting new piece of technology. The launch movies were embargoed until today, though some...
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    Crazy Digital Dates

    A certain VP pointed out that early this morning it was 01:02:03 04/05/06 (US date format), which reminded me of my youth: I can clearly remember standing in the school playground at lunchtime, all looking a our cool digital watches as it became 12:34...
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