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  • Blog Post: Cheap Video Card for Windows Phone XNA Development

    With the release of the RTM version of the Windows Phone 7 developer tools, some folks are running into the video card requirements that block them from running XNA applications in the emulator. I hit this problem on my home machine too, and the solution was this video card for $20 after rebate: http...
  • Blog Post: Using a UK PayAsYouGo SIM when you are a foreigner

    [Updated June 1st to correct ATM information and to add PayPal option] Recently I had the need to buy and use a UK PAYG SIM card for my phone, so I could make calls and access the web in the UK without the gigantic costs involved with my US SIM card. As I am no longer a UK resident, this was surprisingly...
  • Blog Post: My Secret Project is no longer secret: the KIN phone

    Since the demise of HD DVD (RIP) I have been working on the secret “Pink project” at Microsoft, which yesterday had its coming-out party under the name of KIN . Microsoft is usually not good at keeping secrets, so it has been a unusual two years of development for me for that reason. Many Microsoft...
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