June, 2006

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  • XAML Chick

    Women in Technology Lunch -- Tech Ed 2006 Boston GM of Windows Vista

    Lori Brownell our own General Manager of Windows Vista presented on the topic of “Leadership.” As Lori mentions “ Leaders inspire followers, and they do so naturally.” Leaders keep disorder at bay and they realize the strength in others. So...
  • XAML Chick

    Virtually at Tech Ed 2006.

    For those of you who did not have a chance to register early and get yourself to Tech Ed 2006, this year it is being held in Boston , MA . It is overall a pretty nice setup and the weather is great too. Last night was the opening Keynote. Overall...
  • XAML Chick

    WinFX is now .Net 3.0? a new Framework? huh?

    WinFX is now .Net 3.0? a new Framework? huh? Man! go on vacation for a couple of days and the whole world changes. Ever notice things are moving along just fine and then one day you take a couple of days off (literally), and you come back open your...
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