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    Bluetooth-enabled Network Refrigeration Device

    Head on over to Channel9 to check out a sweet demo we put together of a network enabled refrigeration device. It runs WindowsCE 5.0, supports a USB camera, and [of course] uses the Windows Embedded Shared Source Tools for Bluetooth! :) With the Bluetooth...
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    Presenting at WE-DIG...

    A couple of weeks ago, the famous Mike Hall asked if I was interested in presenting on Bluetooth at the monthly WE-DIG meeting. After confirming that there would be food at the occassion, I figured that it would be "rude not to" present for this audience...
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    Bluetooth Profiles Demystified [Part 1]

    Learn what a Bluetooth profile is all about....
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    Hardware for the WindowsCE based media player

    The hardware needed to create your own WindowsCE based media player....
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    Partying with Bluetooth video [aka building a media box for your living room]

    Visit Channel9 to see a video of a media box I've been building in my spare time. Due to popular request, I'll be posting a series of articles on how you can build this box and explore embedded and Bluetooth development. To keep a watch, you can add...
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    A surprise on my birthday!

    It turns out that today's my birthday. And how did my car greet me while leaving work today? What are the odds of that?!?!? So, what cool Bluetooth scenarios can you imagine in the car? I can't wait until cars support A2DP so that i can bring...
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    Pod attack! [and a revelation]

    Yesterday, I was over visiting Mike Hall 's office to pick up some hardware. We started chatting about this mobile device demo I've been helping to prepare for PDC. Mike, being his usual self, decided we should podcast the conversation since "it would...
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    What does Bluetooth mean to you?

    Bluetooth! Did I just remind you of that dentist appointment you've been putting off? [:)] I hope not, because my dentist rarely has good news for me. So, what do you think about Bluetooth? How do you use it today? What are interesting things you...
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    Enter stage right...

    I've finally decided to create a blog! First, an introduction is in order. I am Anil Dhawan, a Program Manager with the Windows Mobile product group. My team works on various networking technologies on Pocket PCs and Smartphones. These technologies...
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