So, I have an iPAQ 6315. Its an awesome machine, one of those instruments with which you can do a heckuva lot. I'd like to think that it comes with limited functionality to start with, but it gives you an amazing platform to do quite a bit more. I wanted to share some of pains I went through to get it to being a useful PDA/phone for myself.

Sucky T-Mobile service
First, the iPAQ is sold only through T-Mobile. Around here, where I live, T-Mobile's service isn't great. In fact, at home I couldn't receive any calls (0 bars). So, I started to look for other service plans I could jump on to since it'd only been a month since I'd signed on with T-Mobile and I could cancel my service. I've been an AT&T customer for as long as I can remember, so I decided to go back to AT&T (Cingular).

Unlocking my iPAQ
But, my iPAQ was locked down. Which meant that I had to get it unlocked. So, somehow, I got it unlocked (somehow) (PS: ebay)

Signing on with Cingular - SIM chip woes
Now that my phone had been unlocked, I could potentially insert any SIM cards and my phone should work right - right? WRONG! Apparently, there are different companies that Cingular uses to get their SIMs burned (I believe they are Axalto and Gemplus, but I could be horribly wrong). Also, there are the 32K type chips, and the 64K type chips. Through trial and error I found out that the 64K Axalto chips (the ones with a number on the chip that end with an 'A') are the only ones that will work.

GPS, Headset - Bluetooth rocks
I have a bluetooth GPS navigation system (MS Streets and Trips and a Pharos Bluetooth receiver) and a bluetooth headset that I use with the PDA. The iPAQ comes with bluetooth built in - so no strings (attached, literally)

SD Card
I also bought myself a 1GB SD card. I've loaded several maps on to it, and am now trying to figure out what to do with the other 512MBs on the card...

So, thats that... I have a fully functional PDA+phone+GPS nav system. And, I have no excuses to ignore calls from my manager anymore (just kidding Paul, I never did that <nervous laughter>)... That, and I've spent as much on these peripherals as I have on the PDA itself, but hey, I'm loving it...