I'm loving PDC. Its a phenomenal way to learn about not just about what we've been working on at Microsoft, but also to connect with industry partners of ours, and other customers.

While the MS events team does just a freakin’ awesome job of putting this show together, here are some of my gripes about the presentations I’ve attended (I’ve attended several breakout sessions and all the keynotes, and as far as I know, this information has not been shared with us at any of the presentations I’ve attended so far) :

    1. what version of the software they are demoing or they are running on their machine,
    2. what their OS environment is,
    3. what the release timeframe is for the software they’re demoing, and,
    4. whether or not we can get our hands on the software they are demoing (even if its beta software)

I’d like for the presenters to give us this information upfront before they demo any of the software. I’m going to sharing my feedback with some of the event organizers and presenters. What did you think?