I told myself that if another person asked me what Origami is, I’d blog about it. I didn’t think that the next person to ask me would be someone on the BART, who happened to recognize me from one of my events.

So, what I’m going to do, is shamelessly point you to Scoble’s blog. Because you know, he’s the king of everything. I think celebrities should go over and get interviewed on Channel 9 if they want to promote their movies, forget Leno or Letterman.

Scoble talks mostly about what Origami is not. There, that’s my opinion on it <wink>

Currenty playing in my head : “On Fire” by “Lloyd Banks”

PS: I’ve only ever met Scoble once in person, but after watching the Oscars on Sunday night, I got to thinking; doesn’t this guy remind you Scoble?