Hello all,

We (the MSDN events team), are hitting the road again for the next few weeks talking about fun development stuff.

The sessions at our events include :

1. Make it Simple – Language Enhancements in the .NET Framework 2.0
2. Make it Powerful – Exploring the Enterprise Library for the .NET Framework 2.0
3. Make it Personal – Creating Customizable User Interfaces with Web Parts and ASP.NET 2.0

Also, when you attend our event, you get an awesome *free* resource DVD that contains :

- Session related videos, code and slides,
- Enterprise Library for .NET Framework 2.0 and related Patterns and Practices content,
- Resources for developing ASP.NET 2.0, Smart Clients, Web Services etc.,
- The new Microsoft Developer Security Resource Kit, and much more!

Here’re all the events we’ll be doing in the western region of the US (click on the link to register):

For a detailed outline, and to find an event happening in or near your town, visit the MSDN Events site.