You have to admit that that song has to be the one song that will NOT stop playing in your head. That song is going to continue to play in your head for the rest of your life.

Now, imagine, for a second, that you have just gotten in to your friend's car, and that song is playing. But neither of you know what song it is. You both know you've heard it a zillion times before. And lets say your car's RDS thingie isn't telling you what song's playing. And now, a few hours later, you have to know. You just have to know, and you have to know now. Your sister, who is a walking songs + lyrics database is n/a. Googling/Live Searching/Yahooing "dadadadadadada" doesn't help. In fact, you just feel ridiculous typing "dadadadadada" into the search box, but you do it anyway. Because you are desperate. But you get nothing. Searching for the few words from the song that you do remember, like, "shaking your umbrella", and "pour the milk" doesn't help either.

What would you have done to find out what song was playing? I think I have an idea I need to discuss with Steve over at Techquila Shots.

Anyhow, this is what I did to find out what song was playing : I looked at my phone to find out the approximate time that I called my friend, because that is when the song started playing. I then went to that station's website,, and used their amazingly disturbing search functionality to search for that song. Wow - could they make that site more difficult to use?

And, this chat log describes how I felt after I'd found the song. I decided to torture my friend a little longer by not telling him :


Now playing in my head : (duh) Tom's Diner, Suzanne Vega


PS: I was at Powerset today - maybe I should ping Barney and team to see what Powerset would have come back with? ;)