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  • Blog Post: startup announcement - 9am PDT on 6/18

    Stay tuned... " ai " Technorati tags: startup , wisa
  • Blog Post: More StartupCamp and an annoying executive

    So here I was, standing outside the Metropolitan room, taking a break from StartupCamp (which is so awesomely awesome), lunching, when David Berlind from ZDNet pulls up right in front of me with his cameraman, and starts interviewing, Rich Green , exec VP @ Sun . Rich spoke about the "big announcement...
  • Blog Post: Live from StartupCamp

    Jonathan Schwartz just did his keynote at StartupCamp . Although I've been following his blog for a while, this is the first time I've heard him speak. What's annoying how he's trying to tease people with this whole Project Indiana thing. After his keynote he opened it up to questions and said, "Does...
  • Blog Post: StartupCamp - 5/7

    I just love it that there's an such an amazing and vibrant startup ecosystem here in the valley right now. David Berlind and Doug Gold, with Sun 's help, are putting together StartupCamp . From their site : " Startup Camp is an unconference-style event that's dedicated to bringing together the various...
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