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Lets Talk about SeCuRiTy

May, 2007

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About Reading a Hacker's Mind

Let’s talk about SeCuRiTy

With the dawn of the internet, millions of computers are getting connected to each other and billions of critical businesses are setting up their online presence. These all have brought so many smiles and reasons to be happy about in our lives. At our comfort we surf these powerful online portals to pay our bills, shop, do online banking, buy & sell shares, plan our vacation & much more....The list is endless..... Believe it or not these applications today are part of our life. 

But one question haunts me every night.... how many of these online businesses are really secure? How many of these websites are implementing enough mitigation to protect their customer’s private data?
According to CERT (Computer Emergency Response Team) statistics 1 out of every 5 internet websites have experienced a security problem. $ 12 billion loss per year is estimated due to security violations.

The tremendous increase in this trend is due to many issues.  With the increasing computerization, e-commerce, and nearly every valuable information is stored and transmitted in digital format over the wire, individual that have knowledge of the internal working of these systems and those who have the capability to find the vulnerabilities of these technologies often exploit it to the maximum. The time demands that if we need such computerization and digital age, then we all have to prepare for the most important aspect “SeCuRiTy”.

Hi everyone, my name is Anmol Malhotra, Senior Security Consultant with Microsoft's Information Security team. Our team - ACE caters to internal and external customer’s security, privacy & performance needs. During my 6 years of experience in security world I have witnessed tons of security code reviews, security design reviews, penetration exercises, etc. I will be sharing my experiences; learning’s, tips around application security & tips around conducting security white box code reviews with all of you with this blog.

So stay tuned....... n happy bug hunting.

Anmol Malhotra -Microsoft Infosec
Senior Security Consultant
ACE Services

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