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March, 2008

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About the blog

My blog is devoted to art, creativity, front end web design / development, Expression Web, and whatever else is on my mind I suppose. I enjoy troubleshooting HTML and CSS markup and seeing what people are working on, so if you've got a page problem you can't figure out, email me and maybe I'll feature the problem and solution in a post. If you have any other Expression Web questions that you'd like me to address, especially CSS stuff, please send me an email. And hey, don't be judging the markup of this blog...I know it doesn't validate...but I only have so much control over the markup that this blog management tool generates, so don't be hating on my markup please. :)

About me

Anna Ullrich's headI earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from the University of Washington and a Master of Fine Arts degree from the University of Notre Dame, both in photography. My digital artwork reminds many of the work of Hieronymus Bosch and also Terry Gilliam.

I started hand-coding websites in grad school, and supported the development of department websites there. I taught HTML and web design at a few other universities, and continue to build websites on occasion as a freelancer.

I spent several years at Adobe, as a technical support engineer for Adobe GoLive, as a web producer, and also as a technical writer. I co-authored a book on Adobe After Effects and worked on a few other After Effects books before finding my way to the Microsoft Expression group. I credit this video, starring Napoleon Dynamite (I too hate the Yeti!) and Bill Gates, with inspiring me to look up Microsoft's Careers website and discovering a great match with the new Expression Web team. You can find me and my avatar moderating at the Expression Web forum here: .

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  • Anna Ullrich

    Foxy searching

    The first time I hit CTRL+F while using Firefox I thought I had either encountered a bug or the design of the program was flawed because nothing seemed to happen. Where was the Find dialog box that every other program on the planet (including Internet...
  • Anna Ullrich

    Creating a "content" snippet

    I was working on a demo to present to a few people earlier today, and wanted to insert some Latin filler text into the page that I was mocking up in Expression Web. So as I usually do, I pulled up in my browser, entered the number...
  • Anna Ullrich

    plates overflowing with CSS

    I think I'm the only person at Microsoft who brings her own plate to the cafeterias on campus here in Redmond. I've gotten a lot of positive encouragement from other people who notice me and my plate, but I've yet to see anyone else doing this in my two...
  • Anna Ullrich

    nonstandard Web Standards meetups ?

    I searched this morning for "web standards" to see if there were any new meetups in the Seattle area that I might attend to talk shop and get input about a website that I want to quickly design and deploy this month. In addition...
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