There’s a good article on today titled “Web citizens trying to kill Internet Explorer 6”, about web developers going on the offense to get users of IE 6 to upgrade their browser. I was hoping to see Expression Web MVP Morten Rand-Hendricksen’s own website Stop Living In The Past mentioned in the article, but the article only mentions and, although there are many more sites out there devoted to squashing IE6. 

Web developers are naturally motivated to kill IE 6 primarily because it would make their jobs much easier.  At the same time, the phrase “job security” always comes to mind when I hear web developers complain about this or that browser quirk they have to troubleshoot in order to perfect their client’s website. If getting a website to look consistently across multiple browsers was as easy as web developers wish, the job market for developers might shrivel up! ;)

Out of curiosity I opened that CNN article in SuperPreview, comparing the page as it appears in FireFox 3 with the page as it appears in IE 6, to see how well the CNN web developers did in accounting for IE 6 readers. Pretty darn good. The content is all readable, that’s most important, but there are big shifts in the layout; guess it’s time to get back to work CNN web developers!

Screenshot of SuperPreview showing how a CNN article appears in FireFox 3 and Internet Explorer 6

In case you’re wondering, the title of this post is inspired by a quote in that CNN article from a post by Mark Trammel of Digg, which reads “Giving them a message saying, “Hey! Upgrade!” in this case is not only pointless; it’s sadistic.”  True, true …