February, 2008

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About Anna Liu

Anna Liu is currently an Architect Advisor at Microsoft Australia, where she works with the community of architects involved in enterprise and application architecture. Her goal is to understand enterprises' IT challenges, and to help them with building successful systems through the use of architecture patterns, proven best practices, and reusable frameworks. Anna has extensive experience in the financial services industry and specialises in designing high performance and highly scalable distributed systems.
Prior to joining Microsoft, Anna was a Senior Researcher and Project Manager at CSIRO, where she led the Middleware Technology Evaluation project. Her group evaluated various middleware technologies through rigorous benchmarking studies and provided middleware acquisition advice to various Australian Government agencies and the Financial Services industry.
Anna holds a PhD (Computer Science UNSW) and a BE (Computer Engineering UNSW). She has also held various academic appointments including a senior lectureship at the University of Sydney, and a visiting scientist position at the Software Engineering Institute, Carnegie Mellon University. She is also a frequent speaker on software architecture and distributed systems topics at International Conferences including OOPSLA and ICSE.

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    On Facebook Finally

    I feel like a luddite to admit this - but I've only just registered on Facebook today! Despite the various invitations from friends - Gavin's even thrown a photo of me from Spain in there - I've resisted because: I'm a working mother of 2 toddlers - I...
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    Newest Additions on my Book shelf

    I know, in this web 2.0 age, books seem to be incredibly old fashioned! I must admit I succumb to wikipaedia a lot more nowadays than the good old library... but every now and then, I get a gem! Nick has already picked up one recent addition - this is...
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