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  • Blog Post: Thinking Strategically about Cloud Computing

    I'll be speaking at this Cloud Computing conference in Sydney on 3rd December. Hope to see you there!
  • Blog Post: Cloud Computing and Middleware Market Size

    Marcus from Stefan's team blogs about this new research note from Merrill Lynch: "by 2011 the volume of cloud computing market opportunity would amount to $160bn, including $95bn in business and productivity apps (email, office, CRM, etc) and $65bn in online advertising". Since I am someone that does...
  • Blog Post: Newest Additions on my Book shelf

    I know, in this web 2.0 age, books seem to be incredibly old fashioned! I must admit I succumb to wikipaedia a lot more nowadays than the good old library... but every now and then, I get a gem! Nick has already picked up one recent addition - this is a great present from Greg . Half way through it already...
  • Blog Post: Via Windows Live

    Bronwen is doing some cool stuff for the Live developer community! Go and be part of it!
  • Blog Post: Catch Don Ferguson again - at the BizTalk Server 2006 R2 Launch

    via Andrew and Dave , here is the BizTalk Server 2006 R2 launch event - you'll find plenty of gems in this agenda , and can even catch Don Ferguson if you missed out on seeing him last time . The event registration link is at .
  • Blog Post: Launching your product in a new country

    Austrade has this great resource . You'll find a set of country profiles on technology markets catering for the Australian startup/exporter!
  • Blog Post: Looking to The Year 2012 as My Next Challenge

    The ICT industry is at an inflexion point. My career is at an inflection point. Looking at the various enterprise challenges of application integration, business process orchestration and management, services governance, etc there is no doubt still an abundance of interesting architecture problems to...
  • Blog Post: Some more interesting facts abuout MSCOM

    thanks to Martin, I thought these were interesting facts! "MSCOM is made up of more than 20,500 URL's and hosts 16 million pages and is available in more than 30 languages. According to available metrics, http://* received 35.4 billion page views in FY06. On average http://*
  • Blog Post: Windows Server 2008 Beta 3 Live on

    this great story just arrived my inbox: "...we’re extremely proud to announce that the site is running 100% on our next generation web platform!!" For those of you curious about the scale and availability of : - Availability YTD – 99.83% (Measured by Keynote Systems...
  • Blog Post: Warren Centre Innovation Lecture 2007 - Dr Chris Nicol

    I attended the Warren centre 2007 Innovation lecture given by Dr Chris Nicol. I've known of Chris for 15 years, right from the UNSW days at the VaST lab, I think I still have his lecture notes on VLSI design on my shelf somewhere! Chris delivered an inspiring lecture. It was a good story about his journey...
  • Blog Post: Beijing 2008 Olympics Torch Relay Map

    Love the look and feel of this Silverlight application on the Beijing Olympics site ... time to get in touch with my distant Chinese relatives and figure out how to get some Olympics tickets!
  • Blog Post: Innovation from BizTalk Lab

    Dave blogged about the exciting Internet Service Bus from the BizTalk Labs , I can't wait to see some really interesting process orchestration to happen on the internet now with this cool technology. Also nice to see I can log in with my Information Card on the BizTalk Identity Service page !
  • Blog Post: Mobile Interface Innovation from HCI and Data Visualisation Researchers

    It's wonderful to see the research results from the HCI and data visualisation research communities coming together and through to fruition through such a wonderful product innovation. Check out the demonstratrion video . I can't wait to have it on my K-Jam.
  • Blog Post: CardSpace Authentication going Live!

    Daniel Bartholomew has been working hard on various CardSpace projects . He shares his experiences, thoughts and lessons learnt on this post . Good to see he's built the CardSpace DotNetNuke module ready for testing ! I'm off to help him out...
  • Blog Post: Virtual Earth MasterClass

    This invitation arrive in my inbox today - "You’re invited to attend a Virtual Earth Seminar, including a masterclass with Johannes Kebeck! Never before has it been so easy to track your assets, find your customers, manage your mobile sales force & engineers or make sure your customers find you before...
  • Blog Post: .NET 3.0 Virtual Labs available

    For those of you that couldn't make to the CardSpace hands on lab , or the partner Readiness events , here you'll find the .NET framework 3.0 virtual labs - including CardSpace, Windows Presentation Foundation, Windows Communication Foundation, and Windows Workflow Foundation. thanks Scotty .
  • Blog Post: Modelling Building Interiors using Virtual Earth

    Wow - this is the experience I want to have when I am browsing a realestate website looking for a house to buy.
  • Blog Post: Building Highly Scalable Architecure and Web Infrastructure

    with the buzz of Web 2.0, and the ever increasing volume of user requests online, building highly scalable web infrastructure and software architecture is of paramount importance. The challenge of building scalable software is nothing new, and in fact, the same old principles of 'design for scalability...
  • Blog Post: More CardSpace/.NET 3 training Available

    Following on the CardSpace hands on lab that Nigel Watling helped me with last year , quite a few of you out there have been asking me for pointers to additional .NET 3 and CardSpace training. Here is one that Sharmilla has put together - to happen in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne and Perth. Enjoy!
  • Blog Post: iPhone User Experience - A Girlie Perspective

    Lots of people have been talking about iPhone this morning - including Shane . My immediate reaction was that wow - now here is a worthy competition in the mobile phone/PDA market, with excellent user experience design. And then, I remembered why I gave up on my XDA – the big hot screen made my face...
  • Blog Post: Roundtable Discussions from December 2006 Sydney Architect Forum

    As per my previous blog , Nigel presented 'Software As A Service' to the Sydney Architet Council gathering recently. Here is my 'raw' notes from the roundtable discussions: from the enterprise architecture perspective, the central IT can function as a 'provider of service', 'hoster of service', hence...
  • Blog Post: AIIA Business Briefing: Hotspots for our industry in 2007

    I attended the end of year AIIA briefing last week. While I don't normally attend such a ICT industry business gathering, I couldn't resist this time, as the speaker lineup was just too good to miss: Roger Allen, Executive Director, Allen & Buckeridge Pippa Leary, Product and Marketing Director,...
  • Blog Post: The Architectural Last Mile and Internet Singularity

    Day 2 of SAF just wrapped up. I'm now back in my hotel room, thinking back on the exciting day I've had: Norm Judah kicked off with his presentation on "The Architectural Last Mile", he focused on the key challenges around getting good user adoption and operational excellence, in the context of how the...
  • Blog Post: Buy versus Build again!

    Over the Strategic Architect Forum dinner tonight, this topic came up again, so I'm going to just point to my previous post on this topic , and leave it at that.
  • Blog Post: Strategic Architect Forum (SAF) kicks off with a Bang!

    Ray Lane delivered his opening keynote at SAF, discussing 'The Personal Enterprise', and of how for the new world of services to succeed, there must be value for the individual or the group. Charles Fitzgerald is now on presenting on the Microsoft vision on 'Software + Services'. He emphasises that the...
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