September, 2006

  • Anson Horton's Blog

    C# XML documentation comments FAQ

    Ever since we released the first version of C# 1.0 I’ve received a question or two a month about XML documentation comments. These are often referred to as ‘doc comments’ for short. The questions range from the use of doc comments in...
  • Anson Horton's Blog

    Extern alias walkthrough

    Extern aliases is a feature that was introduced in VS 2005 that I don’t believe is being used very often. There are two reasons for this. First, the feature is somewhat undiscoverable, particularly if you don’t happen to be looking for it...
  • Anson Horton's Blog

    The dark beauty of function evaluation

    A recent post in the Visual C# IDE forum (seems like I start a lot of blogs this way J ) got me thinking about function evaluation (“FuncEval”) while debugging. I don’t think there is any scarier term for a debugger developer –...
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