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    Set next statement

    I haven’t had a chance to post much recently, but I ran into a nice mail on an internal alias that listed the restrictions of set next statement.   Set next statement is a very powerful feature of the debugger that allows the IP (instruction pointer...
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    Extern alias walkthrough

    Extern aliases is a feature that was introduced in VS 2005 that I don’t believe is being used very often. There are two reasons for this. First, the feature is somewhat undiscoverable, particularly if you don’t happen to be looking for it...
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    The dark beauty of function evaluation

    A recent post in the Visual C# IDE forum (seems like I start a lot of blogs this way J ) got me thinking about function evaluation (“FuncEval”) while debugging. I don’t think there is any scarier term for a debugger developer –...
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    C# XML documentation comments FAQ

    Ever since we released the first version of C# 1.0 I’ve received a question or two a month about XML documentation comments. These are often referred to as ‘doc comments’ for short. The questions range from the use of doc comments in...
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    Solution navigation

    There was a recent post in the Visual C# IDE forum which started me thinking about navigating through a solution in Visual Studio. The post was basically asking whether it’s possible to quickly navigate to a file in your solution if you know its...
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    C# Express and item template customization

    There was an interesting post a while back in the Visual C# IDE forum asking whether or not it was possible to automatically insert company specific information every time that a new file is added to a C# project (specifically in C# Express 2005). It...
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    Item templates - adding references by default

    A recent bug entered via MSDN Product Feedback Center questions the current behavior of add new item with respect to the class template. In particular, if a class is added to a project then references to System.dll, System.Data.dll, and System.XML.dll...
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    Synchronize Class View

    A week or so ago a developer who was starting to use VS 2005 mentioned that he was a big fan of the Class View and was disappointed to see that it was no longer possible to synchronize the Class View with the editor. In VS 2003 this was possible via a...
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    Exception instead of NotImplementedException

    A number of people have expressed confusion and concern as to why C# code generation will insert an Exception with the text ‘the method or operation is not implemented,’ instead of simply generating a NotImplementedException. For example,...
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    PDC Tips and Tricks

    A few months ago I was in LA speaking at PDC 2005. I was absolutely astounded by the amount of excitement that the LINQ project generated. I haven’t been working on LINQ anywhere near as much as some of the other members of the team, but I’m...
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    Implement interface in Whidbey

    Shaykat, another PM on the C# team, recently posted ( http://blogs.msdn.com/shaykatc/archive/2004/03/10/87582.aspx ) a VS 2003 tip for automatically implementing an interface. We have received almost universally positive feedback about it, but there were...
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    Browsing vs. Typing

    Though I'm sure most everyone will be interested in my introduction (ever notice that it's hard to be sarcastic on the web?), I doubt I'll get a lot of feedback on it. So, I've decided to post a bit more today. One of the features that we continually...
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    Hello everyone, After much abuse from my co-worker's about not sharing my daily ramblings with the world, I've decided to start a blog. I tend to be a bit cynical about web journal's, as I find it hard to believe that very many people are going to care...
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