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    There is no primary SMTP address

    Although the mailbox was moved to the target Microsoft Exchange server, an error occurred while the policies were being applied. Proxy address policies, Unified Messaging settings, managed content settings, and Exchange ActiveSync settings may not be set correctly. There is no primary SMTP address....
  • Federated Infrastructure

    Having ZUNE Shuffle Issues?

    Okay, so this has nothing to do with federated infrastructure, except that many of my customers have or are considering Zunes. I have one and I have what I believe to be a common problem. My music collection contains some content that may be inappropriate...
  • Federated Infrastructure

    Moving Mailboxes Cross Organizations in Exchange 2007

    I've seen a number of posts on other blogs talking about the new features of Exchange 2007 and the ability now to move mailboxes across organizations. I currently have a customer engaged in a major consolidation of multiple Exchange 2003 organizations...
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