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    Let's set the ball rolling.

    As I am getting a whole lot of DHCP questions from customers on a daily basis, I thought I should compile them all (including the answers of course) into a FAQ and put it here. Any takers?
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    This thing called RFC.

    One of the other things, I routinely do is read up IETF published Request for Comments. Most of the RFC's describe a networking protocol. Simply put, I believe that if you want to understand the architecture of the Internet, you have to read the RFC's...
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    On Nationhood

    On Nationhood: What I may confide in these pages might intimidate a lot of people. To be really true, I believe that this entire concept of nationhood is a farce. This is because I guess there is nothing natural or divine about any country’s border or...
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    My Religion

    My Religion: Let me begin with a dictionary of religion. Religion: 1) Institution to express belief in a divine power. 2) A strong belief in a supernatural power or powers that control human destiny. Well, to let you know a bit about myself, I am a Roman...
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    This is who I am.

    Let me introduce myself. I am A.J.Anto. I work for Microsoft India Development Center. My Job title reads "Software Design Engineer". I am in the DHCP project. This is my first job out of school. I did my B.E. computer science and engineering from College...
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    Hello, World

    Hello World, This is my first post. God bless the Net.
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