March, 2003

  • Andy Oakley

    CRR, User Samples: Almost there

    The Resource Center/User Samples upgrades are running a little behind schedule. Although we've been code complete for some time, there are still a few outstanding problems that put us a few days from releasing. Despite some challenges in migrating the...
  • Andy Oakley

    User Samples v2 released today

    The User Samples v2 is up and running on GotDotNet! Plenty of changes in the backend, and an improved UI with sorting by date, rating and download count. Work on Workspaces v1 is going well. One useful addition this week allows news and releases made...
  • Andy Oakley

    Workspaces M1 complete

    Last week we reached a significant milestone on the road to v1, with the VS.NET source control provider reaching code complete. Almost all source control functions support by the IDE now act directly on a Workspace in much the same way they would with...
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