Well, it's been far too long since my last post but let's not dwell on that. Rest assured, the GotDotNet team has been busy at work.

So where's Workspaces at? Well, we're getting really close to the v1.0 release planned for the end of this month. All feature work was completed last month - all new code and fixes are in place. Time is now being spent fixing any outstanding bugs and testing the Source Control component (now the new name for the File Share) with different client and network scenarios (firewalls, proxies etc) in response to some of the problems found during the beta.

Performance and scalability have also improved; some significant changes in the backend have brought about benefits there, and the backend source control servers can now be scaled out horizontally - we can take on more Workspaces by just adding more boxes.

Also, we've taken the RSS support a step further too; new items in the CRR will be available as separate or combined feeds - new user samples, new Workspaces or new resources of any kind, will all be there just waiting for your newsreader.