The prerelease site is live at! This is only running on a single server right now and is subject to some updates and possible downtime over the next few days, but feel free to take a look around at the changes we've made.

A couple of known issues:

  • The Windows Forms control is currently unsigned, so you may need to answer 'Yes' to trust it before it will load
  • Mails sent by the preview application may reference and therefore certain links within them may not work as expected

Most importantly, changes made on will not be preserved after the prerelease period. This site is for testing only - we took a snapshot of the live site at the end of last week, but any changes made to Workspaces or code in source control will not be reintegrated after the Workspaces v1 release.

We're busy fixing just a few final issues right at the moment, but everything is looking good for the full release next week.