Not to be left out, GotDotNet Workspaces has also seen a few changes recently. We’ve fixed a handful of problems and introduced a number of new features. Changes to watch out for:

  • Access control system
  • Notifications for Workspaces events
  • Customization capabilities, including the ability to upload documents and images
  • Workspace ‘alias’ support for shorter URLs

Access control gives Workspace owners the ability to organize members of their Workspace into any number of groups. These groups can then be granted permissions to do various things within a Workspace. For example, in some cases I may want anyone (literally ‘anyone with a browser’) to be able to open bugs, any Workspace member to be able to edit them, and only people in the ‘Testers’ group able to close them. No problem. With a complex code tree checked in to Source Control, it’s also easy to control who has read and write access to separate parts of the tree.


Notifications are now available for many more Workspace events than previously. Introducing the idea of ‘watching’, members can elect to be notified when certain changes are made to a bug, file or folder, as well as message boards and news.


The alias support is so simple, why mention it? Well, try memorizing a GUID, or speaking one over the phone, and all of a sudden it becomes obvious. Now, easy to remember: 


As always, the best way to learn more about Workspaces is to explore..